God honors His Word above His name; to honor God, honor His Word

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God has said that He has exalted His name above His Word. I wouldn’t have believed that unless I read it in the Bible. But it’s there (see Psalm 138:2).

We might draw the honor that God places on His word out even further- and place it even higher- because the implication would be that God has exalted His Word above all of His names. And, in the Bible, we see that His names are how He reveals Himself… to know the name of God, was to know God. Yet, for us, He has exalted to the same height (or higher!, depending on what translation you read).

I’ve heard people (Christians) accuse other Christians of what they call “Bible-idolatry,” that is, of holding the words of Scripture too highly- as if we could honor God’s Word too much. But, the Bible seems to say that God wants His Word exalted! So, when we honor the Scripture, we honor God (and receive the rewards that honor brings).

Here’s what I’ve learned about myself: Most often, my temptation is not a decision to “choose God’s good” or “choose wrong.” Rather, we are most often faced with the decision of using some of God’s Word while leaning on our own understanding, thereby diluting His message to us.

When we resolve to honor God’s Word, however, we can be assured that regardless of circumstances we will thrive.

How do we honor God’s Word? More to come…


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26 responses to “God honors His Word above His name; to honor God, honor His Word

  1. This is so interesting. you said “when we honor the scripture, we honor God” this is so true.

    I actually look into the hebrew above and found Jesus

    אֶת – Aleph Tav, Alpha Omega, Beginning End


    It is suffice to say, When we honor Jesus, We Honor God

    you said “my temptation is not a decision to “choose God’s good” or “choose wrong.” ” this is so true. in fact it represents the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

    Jesus is the way, truth and LIFE. Jesus is the one Tree in the garden that gives life!

    keep on posting brotha, we are blessed

    • Thanks for reading. It’s not surprising that you would find that- Jesus- in the Scripture. Makes sense, all the more, then, why we honor Him when we honor His Word. You have some good things on your blog… just took a peak over there.

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  6. gary turley

    Honor is commitment, but it is also how much we realize God’s love for us

  7. Anthony J Roberto

    I. At the beginning of your article, in the bold font beside the Hebrew in the box, you said He places His name above His Word. In your next paragraph you say it’s His Word above His name. An oversight, contradiction, or what???
    2. My NAS says “Thou hast magnified Thy word according to all Thy name” which is not quite the same as being above His Name.
    3. I noticed that the NAS added “of the word” to IPet 2:2, which the NIV corrects. I love and use both versions and the Greek even more, but I am developing the opinion that the NAS committee puts words in their text which don’t belong. My Septuagint doesn’t say anything about His Word specifically in Ps 138:2, but says that His Name is magnified above all, which would include His Word.

    Any comments?


    do not just read and hear God’s word…but we must become doers of the things God teaches us….

  9. David Foster

    God cannot and will not lie

  10. darrellbooth

    honor belongs togod and him only

  11. Jason Crowder

    I have never really thought of it that way. I not really. When I think of Father His word makes up who He is. I really don’t see separation in that sense when I think of Him. I love and honor all of Him, all the way, all the same.

  12. Scott Sutter

    We get ourselves into trouble when we start with our own agenda and then support it with scripture.

  13. When I lean on my own understandings of the Word I only take away from it. My best answer to this is do what the Father does and say what the Father says. I love Him and He loves me.

  14. Ugochukwu Samuel C.

    God’s word discloses His Identity and character to us(man) thereby attracting our honouring him as the Almighty. God is not different from His word. His word is His being and character. His word is Him and He is His word, without the word of God, there is no God. Honouring the word of God is doing thesame thing He does and that makes us observers of His Sovereinty.
    (Ugochukwu Samuel C.) Divine Authority Gospel Group. (ENUGU NIGERIA).



  16. Robert Burris

    First, God is bound by His word. Second, it is complete Genesis to Revelation. Third, He signed it in His own sons blood. It’s foolish of me not to do what is says.


    at the beginning of your article i think you put the scripture backward. EXULTED WORD ABOVE NAME, NOT NAME ABOVE WORD.



  19. Chimezie

    I beliefing in God

  20. Dayo mwesh

    It is through knowing the word that we will know how to praise God so His word is more exalted than His name

  21. Karen

    Psalm 138:2 (KJV)
    I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy loving kindness and for thy truth: for thou hast MAGNIFIED THY WORD ABOVE ALL THY NAME.

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