Sometimes, our “work” seems to work against us. Here’s why…

We need to acknowledge that “work” changed after The Fall. We talked about the in a previous post on work before and after The Fall. There was no longer the ease to it that it had before sin entered the equation. It became a struggle. In a real sense, the ground “fought back” with Adam. It grew thorns and thistles that had to be navigated as he harvested his plants- and even as he prepared the soil. He had to contend with weeds. There was now struggle amidst the joy.

Why did God do this? Why did God curse the ground? It seems to me that there may be something the Lord was trying to show Adam- and us:

  • We are created from dirt (see Genesis 2:7).
  • In effect, that means that we are nothing more than God’s dirt.
  • We (God’s dirt) rebelled against Him (see Genesis 3:6b).
  • Now, as a curse, the dirt beneath us rebels against us (3:17-19).
  • In the thorns and thistles, we see a living picture of our rebellion against the Lord.

Make note- the pronouncement of this curse didn’t happen once in the Bible, but multiple times. In the chapter immediately following The Fall, we see Cain (a tiller of the soil) kill his brother Abel (a herdsman). As a punishment, the Lord told Cain,

“When you till the ground, it shall no longer yield its strength to you” (v11- see Genesis 4:11-12).

Again, the dirt would fight back.

Moses later told the Children of Israel that if they sought the Lord and served Him with gladness then they would have plenty and never lack. That land would yield its strength, so to speak. Of course, if they didn’t seek the Lord, the land would fight back at them as well.

If they did not serve Him but prostituted themselves to other gods, then they would be cursed with hunger, thirst, nakedness, and “have need of all things” (see Deuteronomy 28:45,47-48). Absolute poverty, according to Moses, was the opposite of total blessing.

Of course, it is important, too, to see that as we are redeemed (again, God’s dirt), we see the earth redeemed (our dirt).  We become free to prosper- rather than merely struggle to survive.


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10 responses to “Sometimes, our “work” seems to work against us. Here’s why…

  1. brian Van Valkenburgh

    Work has always been here and work will always be there is no sense in complaining about it.God does not want to hear about your bellyaching and complaints.The lord still works today so lets try and be more like the Lord.

  2. margaret lavender

    We see this in all that we do if we center in Him our struggles and burdens our lighter but if we try to do it our way we struggle and wind up listening to the enemy when he tries to tempt us.


    WORK have always been what GOD
    intended it to be for his creation.
    the problem started when we work against
    each other in the name of GODS.

  4. santonio swint

    i try so hard to keep my focus and do what need to be done for as anything.
    i have looked for jobs. i have tried to work here at the place I’m at.
    i do what i can.
    what gets me is how debts can occur when you are at rock bottom and bills over a thousand dollars be presented to you knowing you try hard to keep them caught up. i have seek for employment and i have tried. i can’t make people hire me so what is left to do . i keep my faith in god it gets better but all i see is worst.sometimes i feel that i had less worries at the place that i came from that i would not be in debt as i am now.



    1.I learn that it give hope too the hopeless

  6. Rahman Pratt

    I have read your blog and since the biblical days .Everyone has worked to survive and provide.It is good for the mind body and soul. It gives a feeling of achievement to complete a job or task and earn from it.if you are living by gods will you will do what it takes to please him through righteousness.Keep faith alive ,succeed to achieve.

  7. venesia Covan

    if we fight against what he meant for us to do then all that we do becomes a burden

  8. perrymcallister

    We much do the thing that please God and do his will.It will make you feel better to know you are doing what God call you to be.

  9. genevievemoody

    my work never work again me man is but help me on that to and i like my job very much and thank god for that

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